I orginally took this photo (after buying this soda) at a local street fair near my home on 3/4/2011. It was being sold by a vendor that was selling ‘American’ food but since then I’ve seen this brand in a number of stores. I was a little facinated by the idea of organic soda: canned soft-drink seems as unnatural as you can get. I kept the can and so took this view of the side of the can today so that I could add it to this blog:

It’s intresting to see the particular mention high-fructose corn syrup. As for the taste? Well I drank it all but now that I have the can I probably won’t be buying it again.


One thought on “Organic soda

  1. I used to drink this soda in college, as I went to school in Santa Fe where it was made. It was local, and touted as such, and was marketed as ‘all natural’ even back then (the 1980s). High-fructose corn syrup and no GMO are obviously new designators. Wish I’d kept a can to compare!

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