I was lucky enough this year to visit the USA. I could have spent hours in the supermarket taking photos! I took this one in Kansas City, USA, on the 5/11/14. Originally I went looking for this milk because there was a bottle of it where we where staying and the story about the ‘moral cows’ in the back was amazing. It turns out that only some bottles have that story (as you can see the printing on the front varies too), and my boss has that image so I will update that later, but I couldn’t help spinning out a little at the blue milk.

Blue milk!

The flavour is cotton candy. The darker brown flavour is root beer, but the others are as you’d expect: banana, strawberry, coffee.


Perhaps these days blue milk isn’t so strange, even for a company with random bottle labels that tell stories about how their cows have good morals, but it reminded me of when I did work experience on dairy farms. Cows with mastitis would be treated with an intra-teat injection of penicillin, which also turned their milk blue so that it didn’t get mixed with the milk destined for people. I’m NOT suggesting THIS milk is unsafe … just that idea of not drinking blue milk is particularly strong with me.


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