GE free mineral water close up

I’m almost lost for words on this one. I think it’s become a new favourite.

It’s GE FREE … and it’s mineral water!

Once you get past the ‘it’s mineral water!’ thing, this logo is rather interesting. Among the plethora of logos, some registered, some made up, this is one I haven’t seen before. I haven’t been able to trace it to any organisation (but happy to be corrected if anyone knows) so I can only assume that it’s something that the manufacturer put on there. Butterflies are used on other GM/GE free logos which I think is interesting in itself, but I was particularly intrigued with the use of GE, rather than GM which is more common in Australia. I can only speculate but this suggests to me that this is aimed more at an international market. GE also tends to be used more by organisations such as Greenpeace.

GE mineral water

As to why the manufacturer felt it needed to be there, I can only wonder. It’s mineral water!

(This photo was taken on 17/12/14 in Adelaide, South Australia.)


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